People often ask me for all sorts of gear and travel suggestions. I'll highlight below some of my favorites. Note that I am not sponsored or affiliated with any of the brands below. I've simply used them and they work well for me.


Credit Card

CapitalOne Venture Card - No Annual fee, No international Fees, Great fraud protection, and accepted in most countries that take credit cards.  

Debit Card

Schwab Checking Account - All ATM fees are completely reimbursed ANYWHERE in the WORLD, No international fees, accepted anywhere VISA is,  must reside in the USA.


100% Linen Towel - You'll never want to use a microfiber towel again. It has natural antimicrobial properties so it won't sink after long usage without washing. It is also naturally lightweight and dries even faster than microfiber. It might be my favorite travel accessory.

SteriPEN Freedom - It's a UV light water purifier that you can take with you anywhere to treat all sorts of sketchy water.. You can avoid buying water in plastic water bottles and also treat water if you're in a pinch. It is micro-usb rechargeable so it's even more convenient. This has definitely been a lifesaver in several countries for me. Absolutely love it. The company also offers other types depending on your needs.

Powerbear International Powerstrip - It has several adapters for different countries. It includes 4 usb inputs along with 2 USA-type 3-prong inputs that you can charge at once. This thing has been wonderful to travel. I don't have to take as many adapters with me and I can charge several devices at once (which is quite a necessity for underwater photography). It is also super lightweight. No more bulky universal adapters. 


Osprey Shuttle - Up to 100L, but only 8.16lbs. It's light and it can be as small or as large as you need. This is great for my trips that involve packing dive gear and also being discrete.

Eagle Creek Load Warrior 22" - A rolling duffle that is less than 5lbs and conforms to most airlines' carry-on sizes. It's lightweight and can also be compressed.

Packing Cubes - If you've never heard of these, you better go google them. They make packing and unpacking throughout your travels easier by allowing you to sort out your clothes or save you room in your bag. Super handy for any kind of traveling.

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