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Photographer and conservationist Kara Lynn captures the natural wonders of our beautiful planet. She grew up in Minnesota where she spent most of her free time playing outdoors. From a young age, her family introduced her to the world of nature through wildlife documentaries and magazines as well as outings to wildlife refuges and nature reserves; all of which have influenced her love and appreciation of nature and her strong desire to protect and preserve it.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in biology, she worked in several states in natural resources conservation for many years. It wasn’t until she moved to Hawaii for work that she also fulfilled a childhood dream to live there, become a scuba diver and instructor, and started to travel around the world. Her passion for photography evolved a lot over the years. She always enjoyed taking pictures in nature to document her adventures or observations, but it became more than a hobby once she started traveling and diving more.

Her travels and photography are fueled by the desire to fully experience a place, its people, and its wildlife. She would like her art to inspire others to get out of their comfort zone and see the world—to learn about other cultures, embrace our similarities, and celebrate our differences.

The natural world is changing every day and with every image, she takes she captures a split second in time that documents the reasons why our oceans and native habitats are worth protecting. Many of the places she has explored have been in marine protected areas similar to national parks. These areas are critical for preserving habitat and protecting wildlife so that they will be around for generations to come.

She wishes that her art will inspire you to be better stewards of our planet, to help protect these lovely areas and the animals in them that she has photographed. When you're more connected to the land and the people, you're more willing to protect it—people protect what they love. Her adventures have taken her to some of the most remote and biodiverse places on Earth.

Come join her as we explore just a few of the world's wonderful places, from remote oceans to tropical rainforests and beyond. The best part of it is that you don’t even need to get your feet wet.

Please feel free to contact her for collaborations or commissions.

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